This year i got the opportunity to Work with Jordan Loveless on her AZURE collection for S/S-14-15. Bringing in inspiration from Spanish architecture with its clean lines and simple approach yet using carefully selected fabric choices which could cater for sportswear enthusiasts. 

Tasked with creating a typographic piece that would be screen printed on to selected pieces. using a photograph of a spanish villa, supplied by Jordan i started to look at how we could bring the different shapes and sizes into the typographic piece. I did this by using different font sizes for carefully selected sections of type, with some set higher then others. To tie it in with the rest of the collection which uses bold blues and bright yellows, we brought in the idea of a block yellow which the type would be printed on top of.

By printing on to the fabrics when flat, and using a separate screen for the yellow block meant that each print would be different as we could place the block in a different place each time. I printed on to a semi transparent material for a coat, oversized pockets for T-shirts and socks. 

Too see more of the final collection, please visit!collection/c206x

Photographer: Stephanie Thomas -

Model: Connagh Howard -

Stylist: Hollie Blundell -

Had a screenprinting workshop to introduce me to the facilities at UWE. I decided to take one of my pieces from my ‘16 things that make me angry book’ and create a screen print to go with it.

The design features the text from the book which is the whole theme. To go with this i included a picture of a peaceful lake and the lyrics from one of my favourite songs. ‘M83 - Echoes of mine’ This acts as a substitute for Paris not being in my list.

Also got this one printed, again, I’m so happy with the final outcome of these latest two pieces. The matte stock really adds to the pair of them and help achieve these crisp clean prints.

Got round to getting my argument piece printed. So happy with it. Achieved such a crisp print.

A task was set where we were given a designer in which we had to research and create a multipage document. This is my finished outcome.

Final look at my finished newsprint and packaging. Screenprinted black on black for that near invisible effect. All hand made by myself.

The t-shirts in their frame within my exhibition space.

My final exhibition space….minus the coke bottle and bag. Was a successful opening night, heard some nice things about my work.

Did this today. A00 board for my exhibition space. All hand written/painted.

So i designed the posters for my foundation diploma in art and design classes final exhibition. I made them a set of 4 showing the CMYK process. My personal favourites are yellow and the black.